Sewage Treatment Upgrade of the Queen of Oak Bay at Deas Docks

We started multiple large, complex projects at once for BC Ferries, knowing we would be managing a tight schedule to meet their short completion date. In addition to installing the On-board Sewage treatment plant, they also needed extensive deck plate renewal, rubbing strake repair, and ship structural steel replacement.

To coordinate the projects and gain efficiencies of scale, we:

  • Fabricated and tested Stainless steel tanks and piping at our facility
  • Expedited tank sand blasting, repair, and re-coating
  • Accessed additional crews for emergency projects and overtime work, including our own Safety, EMT and crane teams
  • Managed the projects on-site and in multiple locations to coordinate resources, address issues and resolve problems immediately
  • Assisted with updating the CAD drawings following the vessels' repairs
  • Coordinated safety procedures, training and reporting
  • Deferred some of the repairs to another location, at the client's request.