Emergency Bow Thruster Exchange at the Fraser Surrey Docks

MV Pembroke (199 m long) had its bow thruster damaged during its northern voyage from South America. We were contacted en route by the vessel owners to undertake the bow thruster exchange upon arrival to the Fraser Surrey Docks near Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Prior to the vessel's arrival, we arranged for a replacement unit to be flown in from Europe and our engineers prepared a Class Approved repair procedure. We needed to de-ballast the Vessel out of the water, so we could enter the thruster tunnel, and weld a cofferdam in place to ensure no hydraulic oil would leak into the river during the removal of the old unit. Once the old blades and unit were removed from the thruster tunnel, we prepared the new unit for installation, ensuring all clearances and markings were detailed.

We completed this project while the vessel was undertaking full cargo operations. The vessel owners were very happy with the timely manner and professionalism shown by our staff and have used our services numerous times since.