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A Typical Call from Our Client

At 5:00 am on a rainy fall morning James McFadden received a phone call. It was Norway calling. In fact it was an old acquaintance and customer. ”James,” the caller said, ”I have a problem.” It turned out that work was not going well on a Tanker at a dry dock in the Caribbean. It was falling behind schedule. After the call, Jim called his partner, Tom Ferns. Within hours, a crew of 6 Meridian Marine class approved welders had been dispatched. Within a day they had arrived on board and were at work. The next day, 12 more trades people were dispatched to the Caribbean. In total, 18 highly skilled welders and tradesmen worked round the clock to finish the job.

"BC Ferries has been acquiring the service of Meridian Marine as our principal contractor for over 10 years for various repair work and major projects. I always found Meridian Marine as a very reliable contractor, produced high quality work. Your work forces possess extensive skill and trade qualification, very cooperative and knowledgeable. Under your supervision and strategic planning, we cooperatively resolved numerous complicated problems, managed to complete all projects on time. The resulted works fully met the Classification and Transportation Canada's requirement and satisfied the ship owner´s needs. I would highly recommend Meridian Marine to anyone who requires their services." - Senior Chief Engineer, BC Ferries Service

"V.Ships has on several occasions had recourse to use Meridian Marine Industries Inc. of Port CoQuitlam B.C. for ship repair jobs. The nature of those jobs generally involved crop and insert of deck platings and in some cases shell plating. Within my personal experience the services provided have been to a very high standard. Personal attention by Mr. Ferns and Mr. McFadden have resulted in a professional approach to the job and a job well done. In all cases steel works fit up was excellent and welding more than meeting classification requirement. The close working relationship has developed and I would give my personal recommendation to any interested party seeking to employ Meridian Marine." - Technical Superintendent, V.Ships UK Ltd.

“First of all we would like to thank you very much for your prompt assistance during our M/V PATTY’s recent stay at Duke Point where we encountered several problems at the annual class surveys which have been solved with your help, to our, and the class’s full satisfaction. Furthermore we highly appreciate the excellent co-operation between your company’s staff and our superintendent and ship’s command." - MST MINERALIEN SCHIFFAHRT, SPEDITION UND TRANSPORT GmbH

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Meridian Marine Inc. Locations

Corporate: 800 Carleton Court, Annacis Island, Delta, BC Canada V3M 6Y6
Industrial Facility: 1108 Derwent Way, Annacis Island, Delta, BC Canada V3M 5R1
Waterfront Terminal Facility: 13911 Garden City Road, Richmond, BC Canada V7A 5C2