Marine Fire Protection

Meridian Marine uses todays most advanced class approved fire protection systems. We provide installation, repair, and maintain fire protection systems onboard vessels.

We Install Water Mist Systems

Water Mist's double effect ability ensures that:

  • oil fires can be extinguished with normal water
  • a fire can be extinguished without the use of excess water
  • smaller, lighter pipeline systems and sprinklers are applied in comparison with other systems
  • the system can extinguish a fire instead of merely controlling it

CO2 High Pressure Fire Extinguishing System

CO2 has been used as the extinguishing agent in fixed installations since the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1928, the first rules for the design of such systems were issued by the National Fire Protection Association in the USA. These rules formed the basis of IMO rules and SOLAS, which in the revised edition are fundamental for marine systems.

Various CO2 systems meet all major international classification societies as well as a number of national requirements.

CO2 systems are still one of the most commonly used fire fighting systems in the global marine market, since more than 90% of the world fleet is equipped with CO2 systems at present.

We can supply and install CO2 high pressure systems for all types of vessels with engine rooms from just a few cubic meters and up to super container vessels, VLCC and LNG with engine rooms of more than 30,000 cubic meters.

General Ship Repairs