Fuel Barge being upgraded to work in the Arctic for Island Tug & Barge Ltd., Vancouver

  • Crane Pedestal and Boom Cradle
    • Weld down Crane Pedestal
    • Fabricate and insert Crane Pedestal support structure in #6 P+S cargo tanks
    • Fabricate and install Crane Boom Cradle
  • Pollution Boom relocation
    • Gauge the reel support framing from current location on deck
    • Weld down framing in new location
  • Cargo Tank Lid Ullage Hatch Installation (12 total)
    • Insert Ullage hatches into existing cargo hatch lids
    • This may be done off site as cargo tank lids can be removed
  • Insert doubler plates in deck (2 locations) for hydraulic lines running to Crane and Pollution Boom.