Modification of Engine Beds, and Main Engines installation of the MV Fraser Titan

The Fraser Titan is 305ft long Hopper Dredge Vessel that services the Fraser River Shipping Lane. Meridian Marine won the contract to repower the MV Fraser Titan in late 2009 and were required to complete this project in a short time frame before the Fisheries Spring runoff.

We prefabricated new engine beds in our work shop prior to the vessel coming out of service. Our crew of welders, fitters and riggers prepared the old engines for removal using a shore crane. The old equipment was removed piece by piece and the existing engine beds were cleaned and blasted prior to modifying, fitting and welding the new engine beds. Great care was taken to ensure the new beds were not distorted during the welding process.

Once the welding of the engine beds was completed, the attending Surveyor inspected and signed off the work to class requirements. Using a shore crane, we lowered three new Caterpillar engines through the deck opening, rigged them into place and prepared for the final alignment to the existing shaft couplings.

The project was completed within the eight week time frame, which enabled the Fraser Titan to be back in service before the Fisheries Spring runoff deadline.