Steel and Pipe Welders

Our Steel and Pipe Welders are Tradesman/Journeyman whose project skill sets, training, and certifications include:

  • Close tolerance welding: perform acetylene and electric arc welding to permanently fuse metal parts of machinery and equipment
  • Joining metal pieces by applying the torch or electric arc to surfaces and melting the welding rod and flux into the joint. Burning or cuts through metal by melting and oxidizing with the hot flame and free oxygen
  • Examining parent metals and alloys in order to determine their strength and properties, and determines the amount of heat to be applied
  • Welding shafts using a pull line in the center to control alignment in the rotational areas; final alignment must be true within a very close tolerance
  • Performing hydraulic system welds which must be bubble free and continuous; this requires that welding be done in all positions.
  • Principles and methods of oxygen acetylene brazing and electric arc welding as well as heating properties of a variety of alloys and parent metals

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