Project Managers

Our Project Managers have many years of on the job experience, in a supervisory role, in ship repair/building and steel processing and have extensive knowledge of welding principles, modern techniques, and regulatory safety requirements and procedures. They manage foremen, work forces, and subcontractors and coordinate with management and owners on all our projects.

Their project skill sets, training, and certifications include:

  • Plan, organize, direct project setup and control daily operations
  • Staff project according to size, schedule, and required skill sets
  • Prepare and maintain construction project budget estimates
  • Plan and prepare construction schedules and milestones and monitor progress according to plan
  • Prepare contracts, change orders, and revisions/additions with client approval
  • Select preferred trade subcontractors and co-ordinate their activities, resources, and results
  • Communicate issues, changes, progress, schedules, and resource needs to our client
  • Schedule shift work and associated supervision, if needed
  • Develop and implement specific work procedures to promote and achieve increased productivity
  • Organize and plan production work and clearly communicate work objectives
  • Monitor, review and report on progress and adjust work plans as required
  • Manage quality control of welding standards and organize appropriate non-destructive testing.

Operations Team