Naval Architect

Our Naval Architects project skill sets, training, and certifications include:

  • Designing ships and vessels and related components and specialist equipment, using complex mathematical and physical models to ensure that the ship's design is technically satisfactory and that it complies with safety regulations
  • Planning the whole build process of a vessel, managing everything from concept through to delivery of the final product
  • Acting as a consultant - providing clients with engineering solutions, technical and commercial guidance, support and project management for concept design studies, new vessel constructions, refits and conversions
  • Undertaking maritime research in universities and industry
  • Risk analysis of ships and marine structures, using the regulations of classification societies and intergovernmental organisations such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), to assess aspects of design such as strength, stability and lifesaving
  • Providing onboard safety training for ships crews (for naval architects with seafaring experience)
  • Knowledge of shipyard planning, production, and fitting out operation including equipment procurement
  • Solving problems affecting the economics of maritime operations.

Operations Team