Dinko Poduje, Technical Manager, Europe

Dinko Poduje,Technical Manager

Dinko Poduje is our Technical Manager in Europe. He is located in Split, Croatia and has over forty years of shipboard experience. He has been ashore for the past twenty years as a Senior Technical Superintendent with various ship management companies in Europe, and has vast experience with overseeing conversions, new buildings, repairs and has undertaken special projects in China, South America and Europe.

Dinko Poduje has an impressive career that has taken him all over the world working in a variety of supervisory, consulting and auditing capacities. He received his education as a marine engineer and over the course of his career he has worked on six continents as an Engineer and Senior Superintendent. He has the Unlimited Ch Engineer and ISM/ISPS auditor certifications that he has applied in countries such as China, Germany, Columbia, Panama and Canada. This multilingual and well-travelled individual has had experience working with a myriad of cultures and companies in supervisory and managerial roles.

In addition he has twenty years of experience as a Supervisory attendant and Site Manager. His most recent project is working as the surveyor and ISM auditor for the Panama Flag Vessel (MPDS). Prior to this he worked on a variety of fleets as the Site Manager for conversion of ships out of China. His mobility and experience working abroad makes him an excellent asset on any project. He has a multidimensional approach to any project and ensures it is completed to the highest satisfaction of the client.


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